Naivah Forrest

Nose often buried in a dusty old book, late nights in stuffy old libraries. Naivah is a skilled healer and herbalist. She offers her services to anyone that needs it, often sought out by hunter and mercenary groups.
Even though she spends most of her time traveling she has set up a permanent quarters in Ishgard where her company also has a large establishment.Naivah noticeably keeps her head down while in Ishgard, not wanting to draw any attention to herself but also has a habit of being in places where she doesn't belong as if she is investigating something.

18+ || I do not ERP || Interested in long-term plotting and character development writing!
❤️ Adventure || Quest || Hunting || Action || Check out RP Hooks for more info!Availability: Mon-Fri 7pm - 1-2am PST || Weekends are flex.More In-depth OOC things and Contact information is in the OOC Tab!

RP Beats / Hooks

Traveling Healer and Herbalist
Often a favored among hunter and mercenary companies, Naivah offers her healing services to any that may need it often traveling as far as she may need. She always carries her supplies with her wherever she goes in case she encounters injured travelers or adventurers on her way.
Sylphs, Moogles and Fairies
Though she may deny it, Naivah does go out of her way to help and run a plethora of endless errands for certain beast tribes. Closest with the Moogles and even has a few that tend to follow her or reside at her quarters in Ishgard. Sylphs sometimes linger at her cottage in the Lavendar beds to tend to her herbs, flowers, and plants when she is traveling.
Ruins, abandoned libraries, allagan technology. There is always something to explore or get lost in. Lingering about taverns often to try to catch rumors or using her connections. There is always something forbidden or a treasure to uncover.
The Restoration of Ishgard
⚠️After her long absence from Ishgard, Naivah returned to assist with the restoration of the beloved city. Helping with the efforts that eventually lead to the Empyreum. So she didn't have to travel back and forth from Gridania she took up permanent quarters in Ishgard, she still keeps her head down avoiding the attention of the holy sea and High house Dzemael. She spends late nights in the libraries, listens to the gossip in the evenings at the Forgotten Knight, and keeps friendly company with the city guard.
The Bojzan Front
Naivah offered her services as a battle medic to the war front answering the call whenever possible. While she tries not to participate in any battles she is always there to aid those wounded and any other services she can handle.
Investigating the Heaven's ward
⚠️After learning of her late sister's involvement with Zephirin of the Heaven's ward, Naivah follows rumors of sightings of the fallen members. While what she is seeking exactly she keeps to herself, any information she gathers she is determined to investigate herself no matter how dangerous it may be.
⚠️= more specific Naivah lore, these RP beats probably need to have more planning and are preferred if they were only explored with long-term in mind as they are very specific character development elements.Got an Idea for RP? Let me know! I am always willing to hear and work out ideas.

OOC Information

PST Timezone - Mostly available IG from 7PM PST to 1-2AM PST Monday - Friday. Weekends are fairly flex.For long term, in-depth RP stories and such I prefer to house these RPs either in Discord or in Gdocs. Since IG things can get lost and the character limitations in emotes!I don't mind RP here and there IG - My work schedule and other IRL things can sometimes make it difficult to coordinate but I can definitely work with it!I am a long-time FFXIV player, been playing since 2.0. Only been developing and RPing with Naivah since 2020 and I am always doing character writing for her. RP is my outlet for coming up with different kinds of story beats and development. So all my RP tends to be character or plot-driven.I prefer all relationships to be platonic, I am not against romance but I will not pair Naivah with anyone immediately. If it naturally leans in that direction it can be discussed further, but it will never be immediate.I am 25+ and prefer to only interact with 18+. I am pretty strict on my rule against drama, if I get an inkling I will cease contact immediately. I am just here to write silly stories and enjoy the game. That's it.I love EX and Savage content and currently looking for a static to do this content with! I have cleared P1S-P3S of the current tier. I main WHM and would consider playing SCH if a group doesn't mind the slight adjustment period. Feel free to reach out to me if interested!Contact:
IG: Naivah Forrest (Mateus)
Twitter: @naivah_ffxiv
Email: Linked on the landing page