Daughter of the Shroud
Naivah Forrest

Running from a mysterious past, Naivah has made a home for herself among her company. She spends much of her time preparing for her bartender or barista duties on the weekends. She is known to be a Ranger in the shroud, mostly protecting the slyph lands.

She helps a Bar in the Goblet, The Golden Lotus carrd here and also is a Barista at the Cafe at the Billiam's Bazaar carrd here. She is extremely passionate about making tea... in fact if you're willing to taste her experimental tea concoctions she will be very pleased.

Im taking a slight break from active RP due to my current busy schedule. I will still be RPing at the Golden Lotus/Billiams Bazaar. Any one:one or group RPs outside of that are on hiatus for now!

Not ERP focused. (Pref. Slow burn romance and "fade to black" moments)

EST Timezone, Active between 10pm-2am. Feel free to contact me if you want to plan something out!
(/tell me since 99% of the time I'm tabbed)

RP Beats / Hooks

Shroud Ranger/Guide
As a ranger she assists the Slyph with various odd jobs or errands. Protecting them from poachers, intruders and large monsters. While she tries to stay hidden, out of sight, she has made a bit of a name for herself as a skilled archer/ranger and does assist lost or injured travelers on thier way to Gridania or out.

Hostess/Bartender at the Golden Lotus
Every Friday Night she helps out her company with their Thavnarian themed bar! A great place to relax and enjoy a performance or even get your fortune told. Naivah may have been your server or engaged in some casual bar conversation! She hopes to soon open a relaxing tea lounge and spa for another service to offer during bar night!

Barista at Billiam's Bazaar markets
Every Saturday she can be found helping some friends with their farmers market in the mists! (Mateus | Plot 13 Ward 20) She is a very passionate barista, especially about having someone taste any new tea concoction she has come up with lately. Naivah may have served you one of her teas or other pastries or provided some casual Saturday afternoon conversation at the market. She spends most of her days prior getting ready, she may be spotted dashing about the major cities gathering ingredients.

Allagan Research
While not outwardly stated, Naivah has quite a lot of allagan nodes in her home, as well as research that she has kept hidden. She goes after rumors of broken down nodes or tech that she'll attempt to retrieve and fix up herself. Keeping what she actually does with the parts secret she has been known to tag along on excursions that might end up in ruins or somewhere she knows it might exist.